XDC 2020

XDC 2020 was virtual this year due to covid-19. Despite that, there were many interesting talks and 5 of them were given by Igalians. Like in the previous years Igalia was among the sponsors (a silver sponsor).

The talks coming from Igalians were the following:

Day #1:

Overview of the open source Vulkan driver for Raspberry Pi 4 by Iago Toral:

Day #2:

About OpenGL and Vulkan interoperability by Eleni Maria Stea:

Quick GL and Vulkan tests with shader_runner and Amber by Arcady Goldmints-Orlov:

Day #3:

Improving Khronos CTS tests with Mesa code coverage by Samuel Iglesias Gonsรกlvez:

How the Vulkan VK_EXT_extended_dynamic_state extension came to be by Ricardo Garcia:

We are glad that this year we had so many talks about so different topics!
Big thanks to the XDC organizers and see you in next XDC!

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