I’ve spent the last two days writing psychedelic effects using pixel shaders in Shadertoy, and porting a few others that I’ve written in the past.

psych tunnelplasma overflowfoobar creaturesanimated xor



You can find them in my shadertoy page, I am going to add more shaders soon.

foobar creatures Foobar creatures from transformed and animated disk-like shapes:
A distorted voronoi based tunnel: psych tunnel
plasma overflow Based on a static plasma effect I had written for piglit/vkrunner. The colors are generated from values that overflow IIRC:
I started with this image: which can be generated using XOR in CPU and I altered its colors using trigonometric functions. animated xor

I also ported the mushroom distance field I’ve used to test the EXT_semaphore extension and in some other hobby projects in Shadertoy (

See you next time!

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