Install/Update LetsEncrypt certificates (no-root, apache2, debian)

It seems that the certbot, the recommended script to install and update the LetsEncrypt certificates requires root permissions. Well, I found several tutorials and forums where people claimed that they ran it without root permissions but they all said they needed root permissions to do something else for certbot to work and then I ran this simple command:

$ ./certbot-auto --help
Requesting to rerun ./certbot-auto with root privileges...
[sudo] password for eleni:

and decided to give up and search for an alternative method. 🙂

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Fosscomm 2017

FOSSCOMM (Free and Open Source Software Communities Meeting) is a Greek conference aiming at free-software and open-source enthusiasts, developers, and communities. The event is solely organized and ran by volunteers (usually university students, communities, Linux User Groups) and is taking place in a different city every year. The attendance is free and everyone is welcome to make a presentation or a workshop related to free and open source projects.

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