[BootBoot]: Quick Update

Since some days ago I’ve finished BootBoot, my x86 assembly helloworld, I am posting a quick update on it and I’ll continue the blog posts when I have more time. A demo of it is on youtube:

The code is on Github: https://github.com/hikiko/bootboot
and I plan to explain it in depth in future posts in this category.

[BootBoot] Part 3: Wait for keypress

This 3rd post on BootBoot my x86 Assembly helloworld will be shorter than Part 1 and Part 2. We are going to be waiting for a key to be pressed to switch from the cyan screen of Part 1 to the purple screen of Part 2.

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[BootBoot] Part 2: Boot from a floppy drive, load the 2nd sector, jump to it

This is my second post on BootBoot, the “boot loader” I am writing to load the real boot loader after displaying something on screen. I am writing this program for fun, and to learn the x86 assembly basics. I am trying to write one blog post per commit for me to remember what I’ve done next time I need to use assembly, and for any other assembly n00b out there who might be interested in reading my steps.

In this second post, I am going to extend the program of Part 1 to load the second sector, jump to it and clear the screen with a different color after that. If the displayed color is the new one I can validate the jump was successful.

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