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GL_EXT_external_objects, GL_EXT_external_objects_fd  (top ↑)

EXT_external_objects and EXT_external_objects_fd are groups of extensions that allow OpenGL and Vulkan to access to the same resources.

I've contributed to this extension implementation for iris (implemented EXT_semaphore and fixed the implementation of EXT_memory_object), radeonsi (added support for buffers in EXT_memory_object), i965 (reviewed the implementation).

As there were no conformance tests for them or examples, I've written a small Vulkan rendering framework inside Piglit (OpenGL driver testing framework) and tests that check various extension use cases.

I've also written a series of blog posts/mini-tutorials about the use of these extensions:

XDC 2020 presentation (the feature and the test suite/Vulkan renderer were WIP):

Other related blog posts:

VK_EXT_sample_locations  (top ↑)

Improvements in the ETC/EAC formats emulation for old Intel GPUs:

Fixes in the FreeBSD port:

Bug fixes and other contributions:

Any other contribution can be found in:

Blog posts from my time at Igalia: