A short curriculum vitæ
(a pdf version can be downloaded from here)


MSc Computer Graphics, Vision and Imaging,  University College London (UCL),   2010
Thesis: "An OpenCL Interactive Ray Tracer"

BSc Computer Science,  Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH),  2008


Work Experience:

  • Senior Software Engineer at Surgical Science::(12/2021 - currently)

  • Senior Computer Graphics Programmer at Igalia :: (06/2017 - 08/2021).
    Contributions to mesa3D drivers (features and bug fixes in OpenGL and Vulkan implementations for various GPUs) and to driver debugging tools (VK-GL-CTS, piglit). Higher level graphics in OpenGL and Vulkan.

  • Software Engineer at Canonical Ltd :: (09/2012 - 04/2017) :: Contributions to Nux (the 3D graphics subsystem of the Ubuntu desktop), Compiz (the compositor of the Ubuntu desktop), Unity (the official Ubuntu DE), some Ubuntu desktop applications and Mir (a window system).

  • Research assistant at the Information Technologies Institute (01/04-01/06/2012) :: Adapt4EEE Project, implementation of head tracking on depth frames.
  • IT consulting, UNIX Systems/Network Administration, Programming for the SwEng Team of the AUTh University (2008-2010, 2012, 2014) :: Periodical contributions and technical support to the Software Engineering Team research projects.
  • Part-time Java developer for Foodtec Solutions (01/02/2011-31/03/2011) :: Evolved with the development of an extended POS system.
  • Programmer/Web developer for Arx.Net (10/2008-03/2009) :: Contributions to mobile applications, content management systems, WAP sites.

  • Other work experience:
    Teacher of informatics (school year 2010-2011)
    Private tutor of mathematics, physics and informatics (2002-2008)
    Market Researcher for Contacta Communications (2002-2004)

Academic/Summer of Code Projects:

  • Adapt4EE Project, 2012
    Head detection from kinect depth frames. The implementation was heavily based on this paper: "Human Detection Using Depth Information by Kinect", Lu Xia, Chia-Chih Chen and J. K. Aggarwal.

  • ESA summer of code in space (project: Stellarium), 2011
    Added GLSL Shaders and multitexturing support on Stellarium (planetarium for pc). Implemented some shading algorithms (bump mapping, procedural clouds) to improve the Stellarium planet rendering.

  • Software Engineering Team Projects, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
    • 2014, MA (ma.ellak.gr): Tools for a coding summer school.
    • 2012, Adaptive Components: IT support, provision of technical infrastructure.
    • 2009, FLOSSMetrics: Development of benchmarking tools.
    • 2008, FLOSSCom: Research on FOSS communities as learning environments.

  • Foreign Languages:

    English: Certificate of Proficiency in English, University of Michigan
    French: Diplôme d’ études françaises 2e degré, Université de Sorbonne
    Greek: Native speaker