How to build and test nux quickly

bzr branch lp:nux
cd nux
./ --prefix= <@arguments>

Arguments can be:

--enable-x-support whether to have x_support (default=YES)
 --enable-opengles-20 whether to use opengles (default=NO)
 --enable-minimal-build whether to enable minimal builds (default=NO)
 --disable-gestures whether to disable multitouch gestures (auto)
 --enable-tests whether to enable tests (default=YES)
 --enable-documentation whether to enable documentation (default=NO)
 --enable-maintainer-mode whether to use strict compiler flags (default=NO)
 --enable-debug whether to enable nux debugging (default=NO)
 --enable-examples whether to enable building of examples (default=YES)
 --enable-gputests whether to enable building of gputests (default=YES)

Example usage:

export PREFIX=/home/user/staging/install/nux
./ --prefix=$PREFIX --enable-debug

(or ./configure if you have already ran autogen)

make install

you can find your nux installation files in /home/user/staging/install/nux ($PREFIX)

Now, if you want to test nux:

bzr branch lp:nuxplayground
export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/lib/pkgconfig
cd nuxplayground
./ --prefix= --enable-debug
make && make install

and then you can run any nuxplayground example from /bin/ *