Ubuntu stuff...

Some random videos and screenshots of graphics tasks for the Ubuntu desktop. Most of them are written in C or C++, using GLSL shaders, OpenGL or OpenGLES2. Order is random.

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Outline and Rectangle Modes in Move Compiz (the C++ version) Plugin.

Shadows for shaped windows: Windows of any shape can have shadows on Unity.

Compiz helloworld plugin: that was part of a tutorial on how to write Compiz plugins for the Ubuntu Developers from the National University of Defense and Technology in Changsha.

(relevant blog post)

Low Graphics Mode Improvements

Unity 7 had a plugin option in ccsm called "Low Graphics Mode" since a long time ago, but we needed an improved system wide Low Graphics Mode:

Improvements/New features.

Unity Control Center option to enable the new system wide low graphics mode dynamically without logout or restart.

Low Graphics Mode related hangout on air, where I try to explain the new additions and the performance improvements (UOS 2016).

More info:

Small library that can be preloaded in order to fake the OpenGL system capabilities (to debug U7).

Fixed the cube, the skydome and the 3D windows rendering in the C++ Compiz version (relevant blog post)